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The Last Hurrah is an audio comedy in six VERY rude but extremely funny half-hour highly scurrilous and surreal episodes. (Think Derek and Clive meet The Goons).

It stars the much missed late comedy genius Rik Mayall as Elton, the last remaining snowman.


Dave co-stars as Elton's best buddy, the hapless, slightly perverted, once-famous Northern ventriloquist Mr. Bonjour Hellfire; former presenter of Blinkety Blink who was thrown off Children In Need after being caught......well, you'll just have to buy the series to find out why. He also plays a tiresome autograph hunter and Xavier the Belching Waiter.


Elton and Bonjour chew the fat and consume pints of sherry and prawns in the mysterious gentleman's club that is THE LAST HURRAH - a much feared, secret establishment where all real power is brokered; all the worst deals are shaken on; all the most sinister conspiracies are hatched and where the Marquis de Sade was thrown out for being too boring.


Famous figures from history have embarrassed themselves there from Shakespeare to Picasso - and Elton has witnessed every event.


Elton is now telling the story of his digusting life and constantly bemoaning the fact that he hasn't got a willy. He sets poor Bonjour the task of securing him one, which leads to a fatal incident with a midget in a gent's lavatory where Bonjour.....well, you'll find out what happens to him when you buy the series. It's not pretty. Just pretty...disgusting.


You can get it on Amazon and also on iTunes. Click here: The Last Hurrah - iTunes.


Along the way, there are hair-raising incidents with greyhounds; racehorses; prossies from Rochdale; a maniacal pseudo-gay Italian agent called Fabio and the inevitable courtroom scene.


 So much happens in the six-part series, you'll want to hear it again and again to make sure you heard it right the first time. There's a fan group on Facebook too.


Oh - and you have to be over 16 to listen to it. So if you're 15 and threequarters, tough titty.


The series was written by Rik and two gentlemen collectively known as The Sweetchucks for reasons best known (and probably best kept) to themselves. They are Mr Craig Green and Mr Dominic Vince. 


The series also features former Dream Team star Duncan Pow as freaky Fabio and the nervous Ed Mullett and Mike Cudlipp as the Judge and creepy Corky the Snowman.



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