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LANKY SPOKEN HERE! - Dave's legendary comic guide to Lancashire words, phrases, sayings and "customs" is now available as an ebook (also in print - see below).

Contents include: Basic Expressions; Lanky Table Etiquette; At the Pub; Lanky Insults; Fightin' Talk; Expletives; Visiting the Doctor; Affectionate Terms; Lanky Road Signs; Useful Words and Phrases and more.

The book was made into an EMI LP with songs and posh BBC translations and re-released 25 years after.

Click on the links  below to buy Dave's eBooks including LANKY SPOKEN HERE! and  the equally hilarious followup book LANKY PANKY!  the Kindle versions of Dave's classic guides to Lancashire dialect.

LANCASHIRE LAUGHTER AND TEARS  - a collection of his award winning Lancashire dialect poetry and stories.

(These are the UK links for Amazon. You can also buy them in USA and Canada and other parts of the world by doing a search for them on your local Amazon site). The books are also available on iTunes and all the major ebook publishers. Tell your family and friends abroad please.

The books download to Kindle; iPad; iPod Touch; iPhone in seconds! If you haven't got those, you can download a Kindle reader to your computer here. No Kindle required!

Also available...

 How To Be A Crafty Cruiser : tips, tricks and secrets for saving time, money and hassle on cruise ship holidays. (Including Booking tips; Cruisin' & Boozin' ; Onboard Must-do's; Stuff to take; Technology Tips and Queuebusters and more). Indispensable for novice or even experienced cruisers.

The Book of Famous Oddballs! quirks, bizarre stories and weird eccentricities of famous folk. You won't believe what they got up to!

Horrors! - Chilling true tales. Bit gory but very interesting.

The Little eBook of Insults - Squelches; putdowns and retorts for all occasions.

Lancashire Laughter and Tears - a collection of his award winning Lancashire dialect poetry and stories.


 Available on Kindle and most other ePublishers including iTunes. Please click the images to find out more.